How to register a new company in Myanmar?

1.  Create a MyCO Account
To file an online application to incorporate a company, you must have first create a MyCO account. To set up a new account, please see the How to Create an Account guide.

2. Collect Required Information to Register a Company 
Once you have created your MyCO account, you can create your online application to incorporate a company or register an entity.

The information required to incorporate your company depends on the type of company you are incorporating. The application forms can be found on the Prescribed Forms and Filing Fees page. Information collected includes:

Company Name
You must provide your proposed name of the company in English and optionally in Myanmar.

Company Contact Details
You must provide contact information for your company, including registered office and principal place of business.

Directors and Secretary
You must register all your company’s directors and secretary (if any). A copy of each director’s and secretary’s national registration card (N.R.C) for Myanmar citizens and passport for foreign citizens must be provided.

Share Capital Structure and Members
You must register your share capital structure and all shareholders. If your company is controlled by an Ultimate Holding Company (UHC), you must provide information about the UHC.

Company Constitution
If your company is not using the model constitution, you will be required to provide a copy of the company’s constitution.

3.  Complete an online application
To begin an online application, login to MyCO and click the Register a New Company link on the Account Home Page. Select the application form for the company type you are registering. Complete the application form. Pay the applicable fees and submit to Registrar for review. MyCO supports credit card and MPU cards for payment. To pay by cash, you will need to save your application then make a payment at a DICA office. Paying at a DICA office will credit your account. After a cash payment has been credited to your account, you can find your draft application from the Active Filings menu option. Your funds will be available to pay for the application. You will not be able to submit your application until the payment has been made.

4.  Receive your Certificate of Incorporation
After your application has been submitted, it will be sent to the Registrar for review. Upon approval of your application, a Certificate of Incorporation will be emailed to you. Your company details will become publicly available on the Myanmar Companies Online Registry (MyCO).