KBZ launches SME centre for better access to finance

KBZ Bank yesterday (7 March 2018) opened a new one-stop services centre to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) secure better access to finance. The One-Stop SME Banking Centre (OSBC) offers a range of services to meet the needs of growing businesses, such as enhancing access to finance and improving financial literacy.

By launching the centre, Myanmar’s largest private bank seeks to facilitate the expansion of enterprises across industries, sectors, and regions in the country. The centre will operate as an information hub as well, with a team of banking professionals who are well-placed to advise SMEs on managing their growth plans, cash-flow projection, financing issues, and challenges. The OSBC will provide access to all KBZ core products and services, including: deposit, credit, cash management and transaction banking products. It will also offer consulting and matching.

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KBZ Bank: https://www.kbzbank.com/en/loans-business/sme-loans/